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Since 2001, I have  been making art–-some good, some bad. Yes, I said bad art. You see, I think it's important that we all realize that occasionally we're going to make some awful, I-can't-believe-I-did-this artwork. It happens to all of us. But here's a real secret: don't be afraid to make bad art, instead be more afraid that you won't make any art at all. Don't let that blank canvas, page or block of wood make you fearful. Go after it with abandon. The worst that can happen is that you have to start all over again. So what? This is one activity when you can get a second chance over and over again. To preview my work, please click on the pictures below.

I like to work in both watercolors and acrylics media. I like the versatility of acrylics as it can be reworked over and over again. Watercolor still mystifies me, but I love to watch it flow onto the paper. I never know what will happen when putting brush to watercolor paint.

I draw almost every night. Been doing so now for over 10 years. It’s a passion with me. Even so, I still find drawing to be a challenge, depending on the subject. That’s what keeps me going though. To see, to really see something and express it through my hands.

My most recent passion has been photography. Although I used the camera a lot in my former advertising career, I never developed the desire I have today. There’s something exciting and engaging about capturing the essence of a subject in one moment.


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